Saturday, August 31, 2013

My smitten adventure with Switched at birth 

Hello everybody!
You all must know that i am crazy of tv shows. 
And for the record i am.

I. Just. Finished. Watching. Switched. At. Birth. And. It. Is. Soo. Amazing.
There are so many books and shows and movies whose ending have disappointed me. And it really is the worst feeling ever. After you have bonded with all those characters how it really turns out to be crushes my spirit. But this show did not disappoint. 

The best part!!

Toby and Nicki!!

I'm a sucker for romantic moments and stupid things done for love and i absolutely loved this part. I might have replayed it 5 times over. Toby and Nicki have such a beautiful love. I was so disappointed when Katherine gets the text. But i was so surprised and madly happy when they got married. 
Beautiful Moment!!

Cute, so cute!!
I'm so happy they din't go with the big wedding where both of their parents were against them. 
Love is all you need.

Daphne and Jace

Even though their ending is not happy as Daphne might go to jail, i thought that Daphne was finally truthful to her self and took matters into her hand. She grew that summer and learned a lot of things.It was a life learning summer. She learnt about responsibilities and power and finally all that confusion and frustration was gone from her. Her ending might not be happy happy but it was a journey and where she learned to tell the truth. So all in all i was happy for Daphne.

Didn't i say perfect hair??

And as for Jace and his british accent i hope they get back together(i mean he and Daphne not he and his accent), though i think it might not happen. Since after what happened Jace is sure to be deported. I do not want Jace to not be in the show but i might let it slide if they got wilke back in the show(though i absolutely did not like him not supporting Toby). Jace has the cutest accent and dreamy looks and perfect hair and cutest smile with dimples(i think). Daphne once remarks that Jace is smart , almost too smart for his own good. I feel that that is true, i mean he learnt to sign in 1 month! And i'm telling from experience its not easy.

uh oh, Its not what it looks like.
Daphne in another life.
I am in total support of what Daphne and Jace did. Even though it sucks they might be feeling jail time but i felt like it served Coto right. If Daphne might go to jail then i want Coto to suffer badly too. Coto was an asshole. And he deserves much much worse. 

Will they go to jail??

Thats a pretty smile, you should show it often.
Oh Jace; i think he's be a perfect Jace from City of Bones!

Angelo and the baby.

Although Angelo didn't get what he wanted, i think what matters what he proved to himself that he could raise a baby and not give up on her, but instead he did what he thought was for the baby girl, Abby. When Bay contradicts Angelo from taking the baby i agreed with her. The two gay dads were already her dads. Well now she has three dads.
On on a bonus note Angelo got to sleep with Regina and i think things might go further even though she refuses to believe so. And after all he still has his family. 

Honestly the moment with Angelo, Regina and Bay was so cute and it honestly felt like a long time coming. Angelo sorta deserved to have a beautiful family evening.

Bay telling Angelo that just maybe Abby belongs to her two dads.
Look, whos murderously angry!

Happy Family

Angelo with baby Daphne!

Not as easy as it looks like right, Angelo?

Sad part :((
Bay and Ty

Please don't let anything happen to Ty. Please don't. Please.
Ty is off to a major war zone and there is a huge threat to his life.
And Bay, thinks that Ty cheated on her(like every other guy) and she hates him for doing that but can;t help loving him and worrying about him.

Though i wish Ty had come clean about him not cheating so they'd have a tearful yet love filled with maybe a lot of love making farewell. But i also know that if anything happened to Ty, Bay would not be able to handle it. And this way she just thinks that he's not going for some real hard core fighting. And it also means that Emmett and she might get together. And who doesn't like Bemmett or Ebay. 
It was heart breaking thats all.

Ty is back!! I was so happy!!
I hate the way things turned out for Bemmett :(
Land of lame exucsses 

Bay finally had sex; now she's always having sex.
This all being said, i am incredibly sad that Switched at birth has ended. I cannot wait for the next season to start which is in January. 
I hate waiting.

Now i have a surprise for all of you.
After reading this i am pretty much sure that you want to watch this too. So all you have to do is click on the link below which takes you to the last episode!!
Happy Watching!

Lots of love and wedding cake

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