Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yo Guys!

You must previously know us from our book review blog (If you don't then you better check it out). If you want to know the basics about us then I suggest you go and click on the "About us" just below the Title picture.

In this blog we will be posting general stuff like... incidents that we go through (funny incidents of course) and we would also like to know if you guys share the same view as us and if something similar to that incident has happened with any of you.

The general stuff would also include our few weird obsessions, talk about guys (obviously) and how we suck at talking straight in front of them, our love for all things sweet and cute and embarrassing moments which we would be sharing only because no one on the internet knows us. (We are using fake names, that's why)

P.S: Anyone who knows are real names better not speak up or else I will go Friday the 13th on you! 

Lots of love and random stuff
Raven & Beez

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