Friday, August 23, 2013


The ridiculous way my mind works ;)

Ever since I got my beautiful baby aka the Nikon D3100 aka Sebastian(till any further decision) I have wanted to go out and snap away. I overly love the idea of me as the artistic photographer.

My beautiful baby!

doesn't Eeyore look the cutest??

I am a girl that loves to draw a pretty picture in her mind. Every moment should be picturesque. 
That's where I come in. I capture the moment (umm... I wish to at least). 

Since it is so very hot in here throughout the day I decided a very early morning walk when the suns just rising and the colors are beautiful in the park.

Now the very first part of my plan was faulty: Early morning?! 
How was I ever going to get up?
Even if I did manage to haul myself up I was pretty sure I could convince myself that I could go down some other day. And boy was it tempting. I almost did succumb to the tempting calls of my soft and cozy bed. But then with an air of finality I made my mind; I was going to go no matter what.

Rise and shine sunshine!!

So in 5 short minutes I sleepwalking-ly slipped through my door wearing my pink pajamas with polka dots and a grey zip up hoodie, with a Beanie on my head, a soothing song playing from my mp3 and my camera hanging from my neck.
As soon I reached down and was walking towards the garden, taking deep fresh breaths I was so glad I choose this over sleep.

The sun was shining but it wasn't overly bright. The air was cool and refreshing. Every thing looked extra pretty.
So I raised the view finder(of my camera) to my eye and started snapping away.

I love the sun rays falling on it!

I have always wanted to capture a picture with such an eye for detail!

Love the fading off...

WOW... you can see the veins!! 

Oooo... pretty flower on the block

Every rose has its thorns! But this does not happen to be a rose...

I've always had a thing for loners! 

I love the blurriness and the shades of colours.

There should have been some birds....

Captured my eye..
And that's how I spent my beautiful morning. Hopefully I would get to do these a few more times but for now I gotta take a nap!

Lots of love to Sebastian

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