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One lazy summer day, Beez was in a heated chatting marathon with Raven about the books they had read. Boy,was it a large number! It was a moment of climax, time slowed down and both of them were giggling on each end of the line, remembering and savoring the memories they had in each book.
Then, BAM!
This blog was born.

As much as I'd like to say that I've know Raven since she was in her diapers, that is sadly not true. Raven and I met this year in school first day of junior year. We immediately hit it off and have been on a roll ever since. Both of us share the same fate as a science student(sadly). We love reading books(duh!), watching movies, going out, shopping and cooking(!). And sleeping... And acting like sleeping.
Though we're separated by cities we're always connected(by whatsapp) and we make plans to do physics everyday(not that it works). We love chocolate(DUH!) and scaring(and irritating) our sisters shitless.
We have great plans for our future and hope to have tons of money.

Yeah have tons of money even though we have no idea how we are going to earn it. Truth be told our parents think that we are going to be doctors or engineers or something really boring and huge-amount-of-money-earning but we definitely do not intend to end up in something like THAT!

We are just going to wing it I guess.

The first thing you notice about Raven is her hair. She has curly hair with small springy curls way out of control. I wouldn't say her personality is totally like that, but it rubs in a bit. (That would account for the part where she like guys who set buildings on fire). (Abandoned buildings Beez! Abandoned!)

Raven is soo darn funny. She'll make you laugh till you double up with a stomach ache and tears stream your face(ouch, my tummy). That is a talent I would kill to have. (She already has inherited that trait from her father but fails to recognize it)

She also has a secret stash of food stuff underneath her bed(so she can reach out for the emergency nutella in the middle of the night). I laughed so hard when she told me about it. (Whaat?! Don't look at me like that! I thought it was normal)

Raven is creative and has an awesome taste. She is the one who suggested this so-awesome name for the blog and our names(which I loved at first sight and claimed Beez). She also has an amazing taste for our dream cast(I'm just like staring on the screen for hours). (Beez was the one who was creative enough to create the name, I just edited it and she does way better casting than me)

Raven's the type of person that makes you want to pour your heart and soul out to her, tell her everything and she has the perfect response to it.  I can talk to Raven for hours and hours and ages and ages. We also hi5 many times on chat(necessity). And do various accents(my all time one is the *opera voice*) we could never do in real life. 
She's friendly and you want her as a friend. She's absolutely not the serious kind. Raven is the exact definition of fun. She has amazing ideas(I steal) and this blog would not exist without her(I may have thought of it but she keeps it running). (So not true, we run it equally)

Since this is the about section, there should be some facts. 
Ravens favorite color is purple, despite that she's quite tomboyish. Raven loves anime, she has anime wall papers, she watches anime shows, she's into anime(me: not so much). Raven is actually quite a good girl(my goal is to change that). Raven is obsessed with Harry Potter(I was too). She also just brought a guitar and is learning to play(soon there will be concerts). (No way! I would freak out and pee my way out of the stage)

Raven has only been once to MacDonald (!!!) She also says she is a neat freak like the kind who likes things in proper order and freaks out if anything is 1 mm out of line(I might be exaggerating). But like every other teenager her closet is an utter mess(I've seen it). If you ask her if she'd prefer jeans or pj's she says pronto "my dear jammies, come to mommy"! 

Raven is also a stationary shopaholic(like my mom), and she buys way too many things she's probably never going to use in a lifetime(10 pens!). She also has a soft spot for glitter pens(I still have the ones I got when I was 9- I'm almost 16 now). She loves notebooks(the pretty kind; we're all about pretty), and loves filling her scrap book. (It's filled with Harry Potter! Aaaah! Harry! Harry! Harry!)
When I asked her to spare some facts about her she mentioned that she loves ordinary things unlike her crazy(the new normal) family. 

Raven and I think the same thing so many times, we literally take the words out from each others minds. 
But yes there are things in which we slightly differ in. Lets see...
Raven loves horror movie(unlike me), biology(which I hate, detest and every other synonym), heels(she has 4 inch ones!!), and other stuff I'll tell you later(told u we are so similar its scary). (My latest life goal is to make her watch all the scariest movies, so that the next time a scary movie is released she will jump up and down begging me to watch it with her)

I'd like to end on this note, with which I make Raven look delicious in everyone's eyes. 
Raven makes the most incredible brownies that are to die for(literally). And her sausage rolls are so incredible, I've been wanting to make them for a long time now. (Eh! That's probably all I can do, I have the ability to burn water. Yeah, I suck that hard)

Lots of love and (burnt) (needless to say, my) brownies

Beez is... CRAZY! And that is how we ended up being best buddies. I mean it's been like 4 months! That's it, four months and we are already convinced that we are dizygotic twins (not lookalikes, can't help not using such words cause I am a bio student) who were separated at birth.

She is hilarious and sweet and cute, I loooove her hair (which doesn't exist) and thanks to her I now am hooked on nail-paints (mismatching is my specialty).

At first sight she looks all innocent and she has this really sweet voice (I can't imagine how she might sound when she is angry) but I am telling you, do not be fooled by that outer sugar coating because she is outright ridiculous. She will suggest things that you might not even have thought was possible (I think out of the box). She loves watching T.V shows and reading cliché, sappy romance novels and ranting about how hot she thinks the guy in the book or show is (those abs/eyes/smile *double sigh*).

She is so nice that you can't even imagine ignoring or hating someone like that. Plus, she treats life like a drama (The result of all the T.V. soaps(series not soaps) she watches). If she wants to solve a problem she will approach it drama style (Mmmm.... What would Blair do?). I bet she also has background music playing in her head while she does it. 

She is smart (unlike me) but she barely pays attention in class and always talks about bunking chemistry (which is my kinda favorite subject) but ends up bringing awesome (I think you got the definition wrong girlfriend) marks. I envy her for that.

And now onto the things that she likes. She loves going over magazines and staring at celebrities and she instantly turns on her running commentary about what she thinks about the clothes that they wear (the things they wear!). She also loves nail-paints (she's painted her MP3 player with it, told you she is crazy). 

Her favourite colour is blue and if you put her in a library with a thousand books, she will finish it in a month, she is a really really fast reader (so many books, so less time). She also loves pasta and she loves cooking (even though we have agreed on how disastrous we are in the kitchen). 

According to her if nothing in life works out then she will not mind being a full time writer. This is what she texted me: 

My hair would be long but in a clip and many strands would be on my face, very messy. It will look like it hasn't been combed in weeks. Then there'd be a cigarette dangling from my mouth, dark circles under my eyes, glass bottles of lemonade everywhere. I would be living in a studio flat or a loft. It would be stinking of smoke and lots of chocolate croissant wrappers around(my weakness). I'll be in a pair of tattered tracks and a tank top on a sofa bed. I'd blow smoke bubbles in the air, eat pizza and Chinese takeout. Do crosswords and Sudoku and bulls eye. Take pictures of my feet like I still do. Browse the internet, read, look for inspiration and have tacky old typewriter. Get a call everyday from my caring sister(hopefully) who would come up once a month to clean up and cook for me. And then of course there would be a guy who I'd pathetically be in love with and I'd memorize his schedule just so that I can pretend to bump into him and irritate him. Then I'd go on shopping spree's and buy lots of stuff and take surprise visits to another country.
(I cannot believe you put this up!!)

Yup that's Crazy Beez who makes me wanna say 'JEEZ BEEZ!' all the time(its my version of a perfect life!!). But I couldn't reply to everything that she had said since I was out trying to have fun with my family. So here is my late reply: 

I would love to share the same fate as Beez. However I would be working part-time in a restaurant or a cafe (the heavenly smell *sigh*) and the times when I will not be working I would be in my track pants and sweatshirt that hasn't been washed in days. I would probably be sitting with my oh-so-awesome laptop (or Lappy as Beez calls it) on my lap beside my bed on the ground. My butt would be so numb that I would not even feel it and after hours of poking by my cats it would return to normal. Yes, that's another thing. I would be a cat person with hundreds of tabby cats roaming my apartment and puking yarn balls. Oh and I would share my apartment with a hot guy who already has a girlfriend (Oh! the appeal of the taken!) but I still wouldn't mind staring at his messy blonde hair and blue eyes shamelessly all day. (Ah! I am soo creative LOL)

And I would occasionally clean my house since my sister is not as caring as Beez's (That's so difficult to say) and I would be cooking the ready-made pasta everyday of my life, eating Nutella and telling myself that I will use my gym membership tomorrow. My hair would be a Raven's nest (Oh the Irony) but I would mostly be combing it since I would be having a hot room-mate. 

I would also go down to Beez's loft on weekends to have huge buckets of ice-cream (Ima hold you on that one) and watching movies with hot guys in it and comparing them to the ones we think we own. Then we would fall asleep on Beez's sofa bed with hot chocolate and Cinnabon rolls (after a heated convo on who will pay the Cinnabon rolls bill since we both earn so less) and every time that Beez plans on taking a "surprise" vacation, I would storm over to hers and remind her that I exist as well and we will both go along to random countries looking for inspiration. (I don't know who will provide the money but eh! who cares?) 

Also if you don't return her texts immediately, then get ready to receive 50 of them simultaneously. Trust me, I am not exaggerating (might I remind you, you were gone for the whole day!)

There are many more things that I can discuss about her but I don't think she would want me to tell everything about her.

P.S: This blog was her idea and almost everything is done by her.

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