Saturday, August 31, 2013

My smitten adventure with Switched at birth 

Hello everybody!
You all must know that i am crazy of tv shows. 
And for the record i am.

I. Just. Finished. Watching. Switched. At. Birth. And. It. Is. Soo. Amazing.
There are so many books and shows and movies whose ending have disappointed me. And it really is the worst feeling ever. After you have bonded with all those characters how it really turns out to be crushes my spirit. But this show did not disappoint. 

The best part!!

Toby and Nicki!!

I'm a sucker for romantic moments and stupid things done for love and i absolutely loved this part. I might have replayed it 5 times over. Toby and Nicki have such a beautiful love. I was so disappointed when Katherine gets the text. But i was so surprised and madly happy when they got married. 
Beautiful Moment!!

Cute, so cute!!
I'm so happy they din't go with the big wedding where both of their parents were against them. 
Love is all you need.

Daphne and Jace

Even though their ending is not happy as Daphne might go to jail, i thought that Daphne was finally truthful to her self and took matters into her hand. She grew that summer and learned a lot of things.It was a life learning summer. She learnt about responsibilities and power and finally all that confusion and frustration was gone from her. Her ending might not be happy happy but it was a journey and where she learned to tell the truth. So all in all i was happy for Daphne.

Didn't i say perfect hair??

And as for Jace and his british accent i hope they get back together(i mean he and Daphne not he and his accent), though i think it might not happen. Since after what happened Jace is sure to be deported. I do not want Jace to not be in the show but i might let it slide if they got wilke back in the show(though i absolutely did not like him not supporting Toby). Jace has the cutest accent and dreamy looks and perfect hair and cutest smile with dimples(i think). Daphne once remarks that Jace is smart , almost too smart for his own good. I feel that that is true, i mean he learnt to sign in 1 month! And i'm telling from experience its not easy.

uh oh, Its not what it looks like.
Daphne in another life.
I am in total support of what Daphne and Jace did. Even though it sucks they might be feeling jail time but i felt like it served Coto right. If Daphne might go to jail then i want Coto to suffer badly too. Coto was an asshole. And he deserves much much worse. 

Will they go to jail??

Monday, August 26, 2013

 Pets! How my parents are so unfair to me in that area 

Recently Beez bought a baby turtle and added it to her tank which already has two slightly older turtles. She sent me a few pics which killed me! They are just soooo cute.

Now here's how my parents are unfair to me. We are not allowed Dogs in our apartment but we can have cats but my mom hates them. Why? Because she had one when she was a kid and it was a pain in the ass. But my dad loves cats because he had one and it used to follow him around wherever he went.

Both my parents had dogs as well.

My mom used to live close to the forest and so she had one dog, six puppies, one cat, five or six chickens with a lot of chicks, two rabbits and one squirrel. AND SHE WON'T LET ME HAVE A TURTLE!!

I wanted a dog but they said no. I wanted a cat, they said no. I wanted fish but they said no! And now I want a Turtle and I am being stuffed between instructions and drawbacks. (I don't want birds as pets because I believe that they belong in the skies and even if I did buy one then I would probably just let it fly away)

Turtles are pretty cheap. We get it around 15-20 bucks (A baby turtle) and the tank would be around 50 bucks and the food around 20. In about 200 bucks we can get everything! But my parents have laid down these drawbacks:
1. Where will we keep the tank? We barely have place at home.
2. We keep moving apartments and so it will be difficult to carry it around.
3. If we go out of country for a few days who will take care of it? (I have decided to drop them off at Beez's if that ever happens)

This is no ordinary day for Beez.
This is Beez's deaf day. For the whole day she will be wearing earphones that will cut of her hearing and she will communicate by lip reading, signing or text messages!
And whats more she'll post a post on how the day went.
Lets hope this is a day of learning for Beez, Raven and all you other readers out there :)

All i can say is that this day was an epic fail. 
I put earphones and was listening to music on high volume(which is why my ears were aching) and i still could hear everything. The only person i signed even a little to was my sister and she's hates signing. I lip read some sentences my mom said but i could hear them all the same. My dad.. don't even talk about him, i think i might have said two sentences to him by whatsapp for that part of the day. Then i had to go out and deaf day went in the dustbin.

Conclusion: This day was an epic fail!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rain check

Hello readers, 
Its 12:30 at night and I'm sitting in front of my laptop and wondering what to write and mentally scolding myself for not just doing my holiday home work before today. 
Because now in another 4 days school is going to start.
I know spending the holidays watching gossip girl and life unexpected among other things was incredible fun but when school actually begins, I'm going to be suffering big time. Since my downfall in all subjects my folks haven't been especially happy on how I spend all my time basically doing what I'm doing now.
I'd go all raving about Raven's last post but I have up my mind to take a break from gg after my one last indulgence tomorrow watching the last episode from season 5. We'll see how that works out.
What did I say?
I'm going to quit thinking about gg. And I will. I just desperately need closure so after tomorrow.
(I'm going to pretend that, that didn't sound like I was convincing myself)

Lets move on to more important subjects like school.
I know you're not interested in being on the opposite end of my whining, but I'm guessing that if you're on this blog you're going to get it any way.

Ouch! My hand aches.
Its been in brain freeze mode for quite a lot time. I'm just starting to think there's actually something really wrong with it.
Its probably nothing.

Lets now talk about something optimistic.
Like tomorrow. 
I mean new starts are everything and we can always hope the best comes out of it.
So I hereby promise to study seriously tomorrow. Like serious serious studies.
And a lot of chemistry(like the subject).
Groan, is it just me or does everybody hate it??
I just can't wait to get older and be free. I want to do anything I want. Live on noodles for a week, get a nocturnal schedule, die my hair green, whatever I wish! And just do whatever I want.
I know its probably going to have its down sides but I want to get there ASAP. 

This post is probably not a good idea. So if by any chance my minds in the right place(u'll know if it is) I won't publish it.

Now if you'll excuse me I just yawned. I really need to get into bed. Big plans tomorrow. I want to go to the beach. So much for studying. 

Lots of love and muah's
P. S. And in case you were wondering I'm taking a whole lot of pictures everyday and I will post some soon.
And I was also thinking Sebastian isn't just right for the D3100, I'm waiting to hear your suggestions.

 Gossip Girl 

I am pretty sure that many girls (And probably a few guys) out there, love watching this series and have been watching it since forever but I just started watching it today. And that was only because Beez forced me to.

Actually Beez has been forcing me to watch it since the beginning of summer vacation (Even before that if I remember correctly) and I had promised her that I would but never got around to actually doing it. But for the past few days she has been really forcing me to watch it. She started bringing it up in every freaking convo we had and so finally today I started watching it.

At first I thought that I wouldn't really like it since it sounds soooo girly and I thought that it would be all sappy romance stuff. But it's pretty good mainly because Chase Crawfords in it! Duh? Why wouldn't I like it, right? (Haha)  I am just kidding though. I really like how the plots unfolding. I can't wait to know who Gossip Girl really is. (I just hope it's not a guy. Now that would be wickedly gay)

Here's what I have to say about it so far:
Nate's a Hottie and a sweetie.
Chuck's a jerk (No more words needed. I just hate the way he talks.)
Blair's a bitch but I feel sad for her since Nate cheated on her.
Serena's sweet (I like her more since she goes out with Dan to the concert)
Dan's really funny and cute.
Jenny is an innocent cutie pie. (I hope she and Serena's brother end up together)
I hate Nate's dad, Serena and Blair's mom. (All of them are so self-centered)

And that's probably it. I hope I watch all of the series since I usually don't end up watching all the episodes of anything. (Sorry Beez. I stopped watching Luck (life) Unexpected after episode 6 even though I loved it) (Great! I even forgot it's name! -_-)

P.S: I don't have anything against gays or lesbians.

Lots of love & pasta,

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Hotel & Restaurants!

Ok so I was at this restaurant two days ago. (I am not gonna name it so lets just call it Foodland. No wait! that's just as big as restaurant. Damn you names!)

Now usually when we enter a restaurant, I straight away go to the washroom and wash my hands before sitting at the table. Because I don't like getting up from the table once I sit on it... on the chair not the table.

And as usual, in the washroom I just kept my hand under the tap expecting water but nothing happened and that's when I realized that this tap was not sensor based. Stupid much? And if that wasn't embarrassing enough I was standing right in front of the men's washroom and the guy that came out dashed into me as soon as he opened the door. Thankfully he was around his fifties cause it would have been more embarrassing if it was a cute guy near my age.

-At the Table-

I usually don't look at the waiters who bring up the menu and set the plates on the table. It might sound rude when I say it like that but it's only because I feel sorry for them. I mean nobody wants to be waiter picking up dirty dishes and looking at other people eat good food.

So I was looking at the menu and just glanced up at the waiter and I was BLOWN AWAY! He was soooo cute. I was trying to be all calm and collected but I don't think I did a good job at it.

Now I am just gonna fast forward and get to the point where I embarrassed the shit out of myself.

I was eating the chicken tikka and the piece that I was about to eat was a big one and for some reason I could not cut it so without any delay I just stuffed it in my mouth and guess what? He came around the corner and looked right at me. Now just imagine me as a curly haired, brown skinned and not really fat or skinny (But with a humongous waist) girl with chicken filled in my mouth so that both my cheeks are protruding like Pikachu.

Yes, that was exactly what I looked like because I saw the guy look away and chuckle. And believe it or not I was also grinning at myself because I just felt so ridiculous. But it was pretty difficult to grin when my mouth was stuffed like that.

Anyways after that the whole ride home I was just smiling at my stupidity and I know it's not such a big deal but it was worth mentioning... I guess.

Lots of love & Pasta,

Friday, August 23, 2013


The ridiculous way my mind works ;)

Ever since I got my beautiful baby aka the Nikon D3100 aka Sebastian(till any further decision) I have wanted to go out and snap away. I overly love the idea of me as the artistic photographer.

My beautiful baby!

doesn't Eeyore look the cutest??

I am a girl that loves to draw a pretty picture in her mind. Every moment should be picturesque. 
That's where I come in. I capture the moment (umm... I wish to at least). 

Since it is so very hot in here throughout the day I decided a very early morning walk when the suns just rising and the colors are beautiful in the park.

Now the very first part of my plan was faulty: Early morning?! 
How was I ever going to get up?
Even if I did manage to haul myself up I was pretty sure I could convince myself that I could go down some other day. And boy was it tempting. I almost did succumb to the tempting calls of my soft and cozy bed. But then with an air of finality I made my mind; I was going to go no matter what.

Rise and shine sunshine!!

So in 5 short minutes I sleepwalking-ly slipped through my door wearing my pink pajamas with polka dots and a grey zip up hoodie, with a Beanie on my head, a soothing song playing from my mp3 and my camera hanging from my neck.
As soon I reached down and was walking towards the garden, taking deep fresh breaths I was so glad I choose this over sleep.

The sun was shining but it wasn't overly bright. The air was cool and refreshing. Every thing looked extra pretty.
So I raised the view finder(of my camera) to my eye and started snapping away.

I love the sun rays falling on it!

I have always wanted to capture a picture with such an eye for detail!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yo Guys!

You must previously know us from our book review blog (If you don't then you better check it out). If you want to know the basics about us then I suggest you go and click on the "About us" just below the Title picture.

In this blog we will be posting general stuff like... incidents that we go through (funny incidents of course) and we would also like to know if you guys share the same view as us and if something similar to that incident has happened with any of you.

The general stuff would also include our few weird obsessions, talk about guys (obviously) and how we suck at talking straight in front of them, our love for all things sweet and cute and embarrassing moments which we would be sharing only because no one on the internet knows us. (We are using fake names, that's why)

P.S: Anyone who knows are real names better not speak up or else I will go Friday the 13th on you! 

Lots of love and random stuff
Raven & Beez