Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rain check

Hello readers, 
Its 12:30 at night and I'm sitting in front of my laptop and wondering what to write and mentally scolding myself for not just doing my holiday home work before today. 
Because now in another 4 days school is going to start.
I know spending the holidays watching gossip girl and life unexpected among other things was incredible fun but when school actually begins, I'm going to be suffering big time. Since my downfall in all subjects my folks haven't been especially happy on how I spend all my time basically doing what I'm doing now.
I'd go all raving about Raven's last post but I have up my mind to take a break from gg after my one last indulgence tomorrow watching the last episode from season 5. We'll see how that works out.
What did I say?
I'm going to quit thinking about gg. And I will. I just desperately need closure so after tomorrow.
(I'm going to pretend that, that didn't sound like I was convincing myself)

Lets move on to more important subjects like school.
I know you're not interested in being on the opposite end of my whining, but I'm guessing that if you're on this blog you're going to get it any way.

Ouch! My hand aches.
Its been in brain freeze mode for quite a lot time. I'm just starting to think there's actually something really wrong with it.
Its probably nothing.

Lets now talk about something optimistic.
Like tomorrow. 
I mean new starts are everything and we can always hope the best comes out of it.
So I hereby promise to study seriously tomorrow. Like serious serious studies.
And a lot of chemistry(like the subject).
Groan, is it just me or does everybody hate it??
I just can't wait to get older and be free. I want to do anything I want. Live on noodles for a week, get a nocturnal schedule, die my hair green, whatever I wish! And just do whatever I want.
I know its probably going to have its down sides but I want to get there ASAP. 

This post is probably not a good idea. So if by any chance my minds in the right place(u'll know if it is) I won't publish it.

Now if you'll excuse me I just yawned. I really need to get into bed. Big plans tomorrow. I want to go to the beach. So much for studying. 

Lots of love and muah's
P. S. And in case you were wondering I'm taking a whole lot of pictures everyday and I will post some soon.
And I was also thinking Sebastian isn't just right for the D3100, I'm waiting to hear your suggestions.

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