Monday, August 26, 2013

This is no ordinary day for Beez.
This is Beez's deaf day. For the whole day she will be wearing earphones that will cut of her hearing and she will communicate by lip reading, signing or text messages!
And whats more she'll post a post on how the day went.
Lets hope this is a day of learning for Beez, Raven and all you other readers out there :)

All i can say is that this day was an epic fail. 
I put earphones and was listening to music on high volume(which is why my ears were aching) and i still could hear everything. The only person i signed even a little to was my sister and she's hates signing. I lip read some sentences my mom said but i could hear them all the same. My dad.. don't even talk about him, i think i might have said two sentences to him by whatsapp for that part of the day. Then i had to go out and deaf day went in the dustbin.

Conclusion: This day was an epic fail!

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