Monday, August 26, 2013

 Pets! How my parents are so unfair to me in that area 

Recently Beez bought a baby turtle and added it to her tank which already has two slightly older turtles. She sent me a few pics which killed me! They are just soooo cute.

Now here's how my parents are unfair to me. We are not allowed Dogs in our apartment but we can have cats but my mom hates them. Why? Because she had one when she was a kid and it was a pain in the ass. But my dad loves cats because he had one and it used to follow him around wherever he went.

Both my parents had dogs as well.

My mom used to live close to the forest and so she had one dog, six puppies, one cat, five or six chickens with a lot of chicks, two rabbits and one squirrel. AND SHE WON'T LET ME HAVE A TURTLE!!

I wanted a dog but they said no. I wanted a cat, they said no. I wanted fish but they said no! And now I want a Turtle and I am being stuffed between instructions and drawbacks. (I don't want birds as pets because I believe that they belong in the skies and even if I did buy one then I would probably just let it fly away)

Turtles are pretty cheap. We get it around 15-20 bucks (A baby turtle) and the tank would be around 50 bucks and the food around 20. In about 200 bucks we can get everything! But my parents have laid down these drawbacks:
1. Where will we keep the tank? We barely have place at home.
2. We keep moving apartments and so it will be difficult to carry it around.
3. If we go out of country for a few days who will take care of it? (I have decided to drop them off at Beez's if that ever happens)

And these are the things that I have to follow if (And that's a big if) we buy it:
1. Only I and my sister are responsible for the cleaning.
2. We will have to cut down on all the junk that we buy or throw out our stuff. 
3. (They couldn't make any more instructions. Thank God!)

My dad said that we might get them tomorrow. I really hope we do. I am going crazy trying to think of names. I am thinking of naming them after Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters. These are the names that I like so far:
1. Leonardo
2. Donatello 
3. Raphael
4. Michelangelo
(But they all seem so huge for something as tiny and cute as a baby turtle!)
5. Karai
7. Dirtbag (I love this name XD)
8. Gizmo
9. Miyamoto
10. Moo Mesa

That's Beez's baby boo and one of the bigger one

Just look at it! It's sooo cute and tiny!

This one killed me. Literally

Beez's cousins cat Toby

Lots of love & Turtle food

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