Thursday, September 19, 2013

We are very bad people

I won't even try to deny it. We have left you here with no contact from us for 19 days!! We are terrible people. And we feel terribly guilty about it. So here goes.
We're sorry. Terribly sorry. 
We will try our bestest of best to make sure that it won't happen ever again.
So sorry.

We almost have a legitimate reason for being MIA this long. 
Yes, that terrible place that has been robbing us of our time and you.
School has been a bitch.
The dark circles under my eyes are so prominent. My eyelids sag and I zone out every few minutes. I want to crawl in my bed and never wake up. For those who can totally relate to this my sympathies lie with you. As for those who don't, lucky you. 

Today was the last day before the weekend. And I can tell you how exactly I am going to spend these two precious days.
Listening to virgin radio.
There's a story behind that.

So it begins on september 17th. My infamous birthday. I'm a very queer person. I don't celebrate my birthdays. Really. But since it was my sweet sixteen and all and my friends had fixed in my head that I needed a story to tell about my sixteenth birthday, I decided I might as well celebrate it. So I wore a light green button down sleeveless tie up shirt with blue skinny jeans and a grey jacket with my all black converse. I thought that was going to be it. I'd wear the dress, give out chocs (mini Toblerones for those who want to know) and be sang embarrassing Happy birthday and tada. Over.

But there was something more in my fate. In my math period(yay) we came to know the virgin radio people were here. So we all went in lines(hah) to the audi. And had a blast. And guess what!
I share my birthday with BIG rossi.
Not the one who I'd choose but who cares? He's famous. And I share his birthday. 
Well all in all we had immense fun and screamed our lungs out, gushed over Myles(heart, heart, heart), he's soo cute. We watched Priti dance and Rossi sing 'Rollin in the deep'. 
It was the best birthday present ever!!
And now I have a story to tell. 
Hence my addiction. I can't stop listening. Which also means I have listened to Talk Dirty(Jason Derulo), Summertime Sadness(Lana del Ray) and Burn(Ellie Goulding), Roar(Katy Perry) and others 100 times. 
I could talk for hours but unfortunately I have some urgent business to attend to. I'll be back soon, its a promise. 
Kudos, till then.

P.S. As an apology we are going to start Movie Monday!! 

We are full of surprises aren't we?
Love ya


Okay, so before I started writing my apology post I read Beez' and I forgot what MIA meant so obviously I googled it and here's what it said- Mathangi Arulpragasam (ROFL) Apparently she is an English-Sri Lankan artist. I have never even heard of her.

Anyways, so it's true. School has been a big pile of Schist. I am sleep deprived. We have notes to complete, journals to submit, tests to study for, tuition to attend! It's hectic! But that doesn't mean that we don't read books. It's part of our routine.

So about Virgin Radio. I have loved them since 9th grade! Which is when I came here (I am not naming this place obviously) and heard about them for the first time. I fell in love with Kris, Priti, Big Rossi, Simon, Ryan Seacrest, Brent Black and Myles to Midnight!! (Ah! I love Myles! He is soo cute! *sigh*)

And Beez is finally sixteen!! Let's here it for the youngest girl in our group of five girls! (Who happens to be the most "forward" if you know what I mean XD)

And yes, we are starting a Movie Monday right here in this blog. We try watching movies every weekend so we will try our best to put up our opinion on those movies. It won't really be a review just our thoughts on it.

So Toodles ya all! Currently listening to 'I need your love' by Ellie Goulding on Virgin Radio! <3

Lots of Love & Schist!

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