Monday, September 23, 2013


We're huge movie watchers. So we are going to tell you about the movies we have watched in the past.
And tell you to watch or not watch!!

I had watched a string of lame movies previously so i thought this would be no different. But to the contrary actually. I quite enjoyed it.
And it influenced me so much that i have decided to follow Sa5m's (the 5 is silent) trait.
So my name is B9eez (the 9 is silent). How awesome is that!
Watch it. Its not mind blowing but if you're a fan of Vanessa Hudgens and music and David Bowe than watch itt.

Horrible movie. I hate it. Don't watch it. Lamest of lame movies.

This is a fun of sorts movie. I liked the starting. But the ending was Bleh...
Though the idea behind this movie is amazing.
You should watch this movie if you like to see movies with means and deeper stuff and incomplete endings.

This is a lie. I watched 10 minutes. 
After knowing that the main guy was the guy with the beard and looked ugly, i closed it. I was repulsed. And no i clearly see this movie poser and i'm shocked. He shaved! Still it sounds booring. So i'm not watching even though Anna Kendricks there. 
You don't either.

Another ridiculous and fun movies which make you widen your eyes. 
HAVE to watch.
You have no idea what can happen in this world if you haven't watch the Hangover series.

The typical rom com that makes you laugh. Thouggh i have no idea how the romance bubbles up. Whatever. Loved it.
Yes to watch it!!

And the last movie goes to..
I had huge hopes for this movie.
And i'm badly disappointed,
This is what happens- teenagers-love to party- go steal from pop stars and actors n actresses- get caught.
Thats it.
I was waiting for something to happen. But Nada. Nothing
Emma watson looked amazingly pretty. Everybody was pretty.
But horrible story. 
Though i won't say no to watching it. 

Thats it for this Monday.
See you next Monday!

Keep it rollin!

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