Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Library Incident

So here's what happened on the 9th of Monday. We go to the library in the last period and I think of reissuing City of Bones (since I had two chapters yet to read) even though I have it on my e-book. (I prefer reading solid books rather than their e-versions)

But then I see Son of Neptune and I go haywire since I hadn't read it. So I grab it and issue it before anyone else. Then my best friend (Not Beez. I mean Beez is my best friend but this was my other best friend) comes along with The Mark of Athena in her hand!! Imagine my condition then? I lost my mind. I wanted to scream but I was in a library so we both silently squealed! 

After a few minutes, I scan the rest of the shelf to grab at a good book and reserve it for the next week and I come across The Hidden World!! And that was it. There was a couch in the middle of the shelves, I took the three books and sat down with sweat rolling down my cheek. I did not know what to do. I wanted all three but I could take only one and reserve only one and I couldn't let go of any one of them. 

Me and my friend had a little conference in the middle of the library. Spread on the table were my three books and her two. Apparently she wanted the books I was taking too. Thankfully the librarian solved our problem.

I had already issued Son of Neptune so that couldn't be changed. My friend took The Hidden World (I promised to give her the first part which I had at home) and she reserved The Mark of Athena and I reserved the other book. Unfortunately one book had to be left behind *sobbing*

So this was the library incident. I have finished Son of Neptune and The Hidden World. This Monday my friend will be taking The Mark of Athena and I will be taking City of Ashes. Woohoo! 

I still have to read the first book of Maximum Ride which my other friend had taken. Talk about a book junkie!

And I am pretty surprised about how our library went from "No good books" to "OMG! I want all the books!" Hmmm... Somethings fishy!

Lots of love & Pasta


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