Monday, December 23, 2013

With so much drama in the industry
Hip Hop Police are listening
Be careful or you'll be history
Looks like another unsolved mystery
It's murder, murder, murder
Ah it's murder, murder, murder
Yeah it's murder, murder, murder
Somebody tell em it's murder
Murder was the case and they blamed me
-Hip Hop Police by Chamillionaire ft. Slick Rick
P.S. Amazing song here
Warning- This song makes you move in ways you thought not possible

I've got thick skin and an elastic heart,
But your blade it might be too sharp
I'm like a rubberband until you pull too hard,
I may snap and I move fast
But you won't see me fall apart
Cause I've got an elastic heart
-Elastic heart by Sia ft. The weekend & Diplo
P. S. Listen here.

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