Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My new year resolution is to stop eating chocolate croissants from now.
I promise, this is the last one.

So its that time of the year.
Most people make lists of resolutions and go to watch the fireworks but all i do is sit in front of the TV with my best friend- butter popcorn and watch the fireworks on TV because looking out of the window is to much work.

According to me, the only significant change after 12 today is that we will change the last digit of the date.
You and me both know that, turning a new leaf and all, that's not really our area. We're forever going t be like this. Lazy asses.
I've heard, people go to these huge New Year parties and welcome this new year with drunken joy.
But i fail to understand, why would any body rejoice at the fact that for the past 365/366 days they have wasted every moment and now its over.
I'm not going to do the math and tell you exactly how many minutes you spent doing absolutely nothing.
Another year has passed and we remain the same people, living the same stupid life and get our life destroyed by genetically gifted hunks.

As for the resolutions, i had though of making them but i though better of it. I don't want to be another one of those pathetic people who make stupid resolutions that don't last a day.

There are 10 minutes left for beginning this year which i hope will not be to bad (who am i kidding?).
I have decided that I'm actually going to use this last moment of the year.
By eating chocolate!
After all what better way to begin a year huh?

 Happy new year bitches!

Relax, it's only a new year, comes every year...

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