Tuesday, December 17, 2013

sapane sajaane ki hamako mili wajah
We have found the reason to make dreams everywhere
ye agar jo sach nahi, toh sach bhala hai kya 
If that's not true, then what is?
yaaron apane hisaab se dil ki kitaab pe kuchh toh naya likho 
 Write something according to you, on the book in your heart
hai junoon, hai junoon sa sine mein
i have a passion, i have a kind of passion in my heart...
-Hai junoon (movie: New York) by KK
P.S. Amazing song vid here

Now I’m rising from the ground
Rising up to you
Filled with all the strength I found
There's nothing I can’t do!
I need to know now, know now
Can you love me again?
-Can you love me again by John Newman
P. S. WATCH here.

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