Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hey there Rose Tyler,
 ooo it whats youve done to meee...

found love inside that box of blue
and so did you you
Rose Tyler I-

Now you know, 
Now you have the power to break me.
"Rose Tyler- ";

Rose Tyler

Doctor Who, one of the most brilliant show in the history of mankind.
Because it not only has aliens and monsters and daleks and cybermen, but it also has The Doctor.
And what is more amazing than The Doctor?
And to add to that its not just a show about saving the world, its about so much more. It's about the world and the people and how there is so much magic in it all!!
It's a damn beautiful show.

Notable mentions:

Season 1:
Rose: where it all began
The end of the world: "Moisturize me!"
The unquiet dead: Charles Dickens!!
Aliens of London and World war three: Slytheen :)
Dalek: Hello, dalek! (brilliant ep)
Fathers day: Fantastic!
The empty child and The doctor dances: Epic episode!! and Captain Jack! and "Are you my mummy?"
Boom Town: Rose finally says Raxicoricofalapatorius
Bad wolf and The parting of ways: boooohoooohooohooo

Season 2:
The christmas invasion: Nine hangover but admit it, Ten is adorable!
New Earth: Rose and The Doctor are back!
Tooth and claw: Queen Victoria and werewof!!
School Reunion: K-9!
The girl in the fireplace: Blew my mind!
Rize of the cybermen and The age of steel: important!
The idiots lantern: Rose and Ten moments
The impossible planet and The satan pit: Sooo goood and you get to see the devil!!
Love and monsters: Hideous monster but amazing story
Fear her: Rose and Ten on it again!
Army of ghosts and Doomsday: nooooooo.....

Well that's it for now, but as a parting advice I may tell you that you better watch this show because its soo amazing and fascinating and utterly fantastic!
I cannot express how amazing this show is and its just so brilliant that everybody should watch it or your simply wasting your time -_-


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