Monday, January 20, 2014


We're huge movie watchers. So we are going to tell you about the movies we have watched in the past and present.
And tell you to watch and what not to watch!!

The Spectacular now: 
Loved the movie. Loved the book. Amazing acting. Mind blowing story.
Go watch it!

Love it mostly because of the change in plot from the average story of brotherly love. 
The amazing plot twist and some pretty cool songs. 
But the main song is getting kind of annoying....

Percy Jackson and the Sea on Monsters: 
As a big time fan of the book I must say that the movie sucks. They tried to do something similar but then they went and changed the ending and I just AAARARARDGHSFYUAGUIV! I wanna kill someone!! 
But Logan Lerman was cute... BUT THE MOVIE IS A BIG NO NO NO!

A little bit of heaven: 
Love this movie! Will make you cry buckets! So be prepared. Must watch.

Stuck in love: 
I love this movie.Such an amazing plot and amazingly acted. Nice lines and beautiful soundtrack. Logan Lerman's favourite song in this has become my favourite song.
You have to watch it!! 
I love it too!

Life Happens:
Such a stupid movie!
Please say away from this all your life!

Cheeni Kum:
(Hindi movie) 
I want to watch this. 
Awesome Sauce! The humor, the romance, everything is awesome! I loved it and it is my favourite movie.

That's it for this Monday.
See you next Monday!
Keep it rollin!

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