Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Beez: How to make the easiest cake in 18 f-ing steps!!

The other day, i made cake. I've put up the recipe and the steps with all the pictures here!

Step 1: Buy this.

Step 2: Put it in a bowl

Step 3: Extra ingredients:

Step 4: Put everything in a bowl.

Step 5: Find the whisk
(this took ages for me)

Step 6: Oh and before i forget, preheat yr oven to 180C.
(if u have a digital oven, you don't need to. I did and ended up scorching my cake)

Step 7: Line ur pan with parchment paper and butter with a sprinkling of flour

Step 8: Whisk the mixture to utter perfection!

Step 9: Take a picture

Step 10: Take another picture

Step 11: Look at that! I mean pour it in the pan

Step 12: In the oven it goes..

Step 13: Buy this

Step 14: Take half a cup milk and 1 sachet

Step 15: Whisk and watch how it goes up up n up!

Step 16: Take out the cake excuse the burnt part :P

Step 17: Eat heavenly cake

Step 18: Eat more

The result:

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