Monday, October 7, 2013


We're huge movie watchers. So we are going to tell you about the movies we have watched in the past and present.
And tell you to watch and what not to watch!!

I wanna work in google. I cant imagine who wouldn't want to after watching this movie. I'm not a Owen Wilson and not at all a Vince Vaughan fan but the google thing makes up for it. This movie was really fun. I loved the atmosphere and various challenges and everything. Its a definite must watch. Its fun in ways you wouldn't have imagines. 
I must watch I shall say again.

I watched this movie before and i will tell you i have never got bored watching it. I love all the step up series. In fact my love of Step up started with this one. I love everything about this movie. I could watch it a hundred times. 
What i love the most about movies like these in which people follow their dreams is the passion that is there in it. I lack passion in my life and i crave it. The only thing closest to passion i have is reading, watching movies and serials, going out, cooking when the moods right, photography and writing i guess. But i haven't found that thing yet. 
Whenever i watch movies like this i like pretending and believing that maybe i have it in me. Well based on past events i can confirm that is not true. I might have tried learning dancing by youtube videos a hundred times but i have zero progress yet.And thats probably never gonna change ;)

Again the dance in this is revolutionary. I especially love the starting. Everything i've written about the above movie applies to this too.This movie is just amazing.
If you haven't watched it then i hate you. 
What are you waiting for??

I started watching this movie in chemistry class. As well as some parts of the Step up one. Well the story goes that we were allowed to bring out ipads to school. And as i hate chemistry class and there is no use listening to that lady our group had an amazing time instead watching. 
I suppose everyone has watched this movie. I mean its Mr Bean after all. I like the movie a lot but personally i think his other clips are way more funnier.

Oh man do i love this movie. Katherine Hiegl, Josh Dushamel and cute baby! The plot is ridiculously predictable but the movie is soo awesome. I love it. I go crackers every time i watch it. 
Typical rom com but then i love rom coms. And Katherine Heigl. And Josh Dushamel.
This movie is soo funny you have to watch it. You won't regret it.

Ok so i don't really know whether i liked this movie or what. I guess it was nice. The fact that this is related to Queen Elizabeth makes it more intresting. I once learned about her in history class and i really was interested. The movie is interesting. Anne is a bitch and she totally deserved to be guillotined. Mary on the other hand is such a princess. I'm happy for Mary i the ending. I love the ending. The brother part is disgusting. Anne is a selfish and treacherous sister. I still don't know whether i like it or not. I guess i did. I loved the guillotine part. As for the king i think he's an ass to leave Mary and fall for Anne's plans. 
Overall the movie was quite a watch. 

Umm.. WTF 
Horrible movie. Horrible ending. Did the girl have to die?? Did Gretel get with that cute wanna be witch hunter? Excuse me
The starting was pretty nice and i was really excited. Till it got really stupid and my interest flew out of the window. I don't know what it was exactly. But it wasn't a great movie. 
Take my advice and don't watch it.

That's it for this Monday.
See you next Monday!

Keep it rollin!

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